Ann Harper Reed is the author of many novels. One is published. Others are waiting their moment in the sun. Even more are still but figments of her imagination.

She was born shortly after the Northridge earthquake of 1971. Ann grew up in the small town of Lone Pine, California where rural sensibilities were ground into her like fleas on a dog. She attended Occidental College and graduated cum Laude with a major in Theater and a minor in German.

Throughout her life Ann has chased rainbows, broke apart the Berlin Wall (just the one time), professionally baked apple pies, rappelled from helicopters in the Sierra Nevada to fight forest fires, massaged the sick and the healthy, searched for God in the Himalayas and found Her in the Amazon.

Ann Harper Reed published her first novel Element of Blank to wide (albeit limited) praise in 2007.

In addition to her novels, Ann has written several original screenplays and articles for publication including for Harper's Bazaar Brazil.

She lives with her exceptional husband in Oahu.